Orange and White Selenite Colors: Orange, can also be blue, green or white. Physical benefits: Helps with fertility, nausea, hormonal issues, gallstones and kidney stones, weak bladders and prolapsed wombs.


Orange Polished Selenite Hearts; Medium Measures approx. 2″; You will receive ONE specimen picked at random from your supply. Selenite, satin spar 

Orange Selenite Meanings, Zodiacs, Planets, Elements, Colors, Chakras, and more. Science & Origin of Orange SeleniteOrange Selenite is a variety of Selenite and a member of the Gypsum family. It crystallizes in the form of masses, large tabular rods (with striations), and bladed clusters. The color is from impurities of Hematite within, with the darker orange pieces containing larger amounts Selenit, orange. Selenit har fått sitt namn efter den grekiska mångudinnan Selene. Den symboliserar mildhet, känslighet och högre medvetande. Selenit lämpar sig för meditation och ger kraft till insikten om och tilliten till att allt föds ur den inre gudomliga stillheten och vilan.

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Selenit sägs också ha en renande och klargörande effekt. 2016-07-26 · Orange Selenite also helps one to feel safe and secure, especially at night. Physically, Orange Selenite may be helpful for flexibility, epilepsy, nausea, kidney- or gallstones, and fluid retention. Selenite is a crystallized form of Gypsum, which is used for good luck and protection. Selenit är en skyddande sten som lockar in änglavarelser och väsen med god energi.

It can also heal your body with the healing energies that it possesses! Especially if you use it with some of the Orange Stones. For instance, you can use it to treat 

Selenite, which comes from the ancient Greek Selene, means the moon and their moon goddess. This crystal has also been called maria glass and satin spar. It comes in white, gray, green, brown, and orange. A gray to brown-orange “rose” shaped variety is called desert rose.

Orange selenite

As Selenite would normally ascend your mind and consciousness, Orange Selenite grounds both your physical and spiritual body, while still engaging in the enlightenment of the soul. Don’t be afraid to carry this stone with you throughout the day, as no negative energies are capable of attaching to the pure heavenly light all forms of Selenite bear.

Orange selenite

2″; You will receive ONE specimen picked at random from your supply. Selenite, satin spar  These spheres are polished selenite with a smooth feel. Each sphere is unique with its own markings.

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Orange selenite

Info Köp. Selenit, råa  Orange Selenite Crystal Cluster, också som var bekant som satängmasten, öken steg, eller gipsblomman. Foto handla om - 146864239. Köp 200g Orange Selenite Crystalstone Rough Minerals Specimens Sticks Rockstone Reiki Gypsum på Wish - Roligare Shopping. Hämta det här Orange Selenite Gypsum Gemstone Crystal Macro fotot nu.

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Best for Gifting & Personal Use,Natural Crystal / Stone Orange Selenite Stone PendantLength : 35-40 mmWidth - 10-15 mm (Approx).

Selenite is a crown chakra gemstone. Orange Selenite is a sacral chakra gemstone. Orange Selenite Palm Stone - Approximately 2 to 3 inches in long.

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Beautiful natural, high quality, polished red/orange Selenite sphere with stand, World-renowned Fashion Site Online promotion Discover The Newest Design In 

Orange Selenite Heart 75mm x 63mm x 20mm Weight 112 Orange Selenite is another variety of Selenite or Gypsum, and carries the same properties as White Selenite.